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Verified Domains Help

This is the additional Help section for Verified Domains. Here you can find common issues that are experienced when verifying a domain. If you have any additional questions, please contact support.

How do I verify my site?

You can simply enter a domain and then use our site verification wizard to get started. You can verify your domain by the following methods:

  • Meta Tag verification
  • Text File verification
  • Importing from Google® Search Console
Using Verified Domains

What is Meta Tag verification?

To verify your domain with a tag, simply create the tag on your homepage that we provide you with.

Please note: If you're unfamiliar with HTML, you may want to consult your web designer to complete this.

Verification using Meta Tags

What is File Upload verification?

The easiest way to create a verify file is to "Right click" on your desktop (assuming you use windows), and select New->Text File.

Next, you need to change the name of this file to MJ12_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (replacing the x's with the code given to you in the Verification process)

Now you need to upload the file to the homepage of your website (your hosting provider will be able to provide you with these details if you do not already have them).

If you then open http://YourWebsite/MJ12_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.txt in your browser you should see a white screen, not an error.

What is Google® Search Console

The below answer is taken from the official website (

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results.

How do you use my Google® Search Console data

We use your Google® Search Console data both to verify you have ownership of that domain, and then (if you are on a Pro or above plan) you can create a Rank Tracking campaign and get your Search Console data inside Majestic which we will augment with our own data.

You can learn more about our Rank Tracker from our blog post.

Unable to get robots.txt (response code: Forbidden)

Please make sure your site name is entered correctly, and your robots.txt file is accessible by us at http://YourDomain/robots.txt.

If you think that your robots.txt is accessible to us, then please check if your Web Hosting company is blocking our crawler from getting to it.

My site is 'https' so why are you trying to verify 'http'?

When you verify ownership of a DOMAIN, we assume the protocol for the main URL of the site.

We are able to follow redirects from 'http' to 'https' as long as they are set up correctly.