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Site Explorer

Our most popular tool. Site Explorer lets you break down the incoming links and metrics for almost every significant URL on the internet. As well as our Summary metrics, the other tabs in Site Explorer will allow you to dive deep into the data.

Find out the Topical Trust Flow of links that lead to your site. This helps search engines work out how to categorise your site.
Ref Domains
List all of the domains that our crawlers have found pointing to your site.
A huge list of all of the backlinks that we've found for you.
Our list of backlinks enhanced with context, showing the distribution and density of links within the referring page. You’ll also be able to see what links are near yours and where those other links point to.
Related Sites
A list of the domains that have most links near links to your site.
Keyword Generator
Keyword Generator helps you drill down into the link context of sites, allowing you to strike keyword gold. This is helpful for content ideas, and looking for advertising terms to target.
Link Graph
Link Graphs are created by looking through the top Fresh Index links that surround your search, and then building a map of how the discovered sites all link to each other.
The new backlinks that we've recently found.
The links that have recently stopped pointing to your site.
Anchor Text
Which anchor phrases are used to point to this website.
A world map of the websites that point to this domain or URL.
A list of all of the pages or 404s that we have found with links pointing to them.
Majestic Site Explorer Preview screen

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Our Lite plan is perfect for domain resellers, and those who only need high-level Majestic stats on a variety of domains on an infrequent basis.

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