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10 Internal
2 External
12 Total Outlinks
2 Ext Domains
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Homepage Title N/A
Crawled URLs 11,884
Indexed URLs 74,451
Educational Ref. Backlinks 5
Governmental Ref. Backlinks 81
Educational Ref. Domains 3
Governmental Ref. Domains 2
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1,396,812 checked backlinks

  •   99.7% ru Russian
  •    0.2% en English

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  •   100% ru Russian

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# Anchor Text Referring Domains External Backlinks
Total Deleted NoFollow
1 198761. Subscribe
1,193 207 -
2 иис «металлоснабжение и сбыт» Subscribe
65,730 2,197 1,595
3 Subscribe
42,214 219 1,516
4 металлоснабжение и сбыт Subscribe
86,577 8,405 10,625
5 Subscribe
7,025 561 375
6 Subscribe
3,751 286 110
7 Subscribe
10,722 731 677
8 «металлоснабжение и сбыт» Subscribe
1,286 95 183
9 северсталь Subscribe
6,060 1,182 42

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