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… After Noise Reduction


8,704,802 (-71%)

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A temporary count that removes low-quality noisy links

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After Noise Reduction BETA

Fresh Index now includes enhanced link-level analysis which is able to detect duplicate backlinks from individual domains. This gives you:

  • New counts of notable and distinct links
  • A link level indicator of the outcome of duplicate analysis

For more information please view our blogpost "Duplicate Link Detection".

The After Noise Reduction count represents the next stage in the long awaited backlink fidelity project. Soon, non-notable duplicate links will be removed from the Majestic Fresh Index. This reduces the amount of pre-processing required to extract maximum utility from Majestic data.

Removal of this data will be performed gradually.

Once we start to remove links, the External Inbound Link count will become closer to the After Noise Reduction total. Once these numbers are close enough to make the new number redundant, the new total will be removed.

Noise-reduction will take place in the Fresh Index only. Eventually, with the noisiest links deleted, we will be able to improve processing times, widen the index to include more Referring Domains, with deliberately lower numbers of backlinks per domain.

Historic Index will continue to archive all links that we find, and its backlink counts are not affected.

Find out more : Counting Backlinks, and our 2021 Link Index Strategy [01/2021], Backlink Index Comparison Fatigue [05/2021], Backlink Fidelity vs Backlink Volatility [09/2020]

Duplicate Backlink Analysis

Majestic now performs link level duplicate analysis. This works on a Referring domain level. Similar links to the same resource on different parts of the same site can be marked as "Duplicate" links. Unique, one of a kind links and the best example of a copied link are marked as "Distinct". The results are shown on the right.

You may notice a that there are two different categories of Duplicates. Links that pass Trust Flow or Citation Flow are considered Notable. The "Non-Notable Duplicate" links are considered low value to the majority of Majestic users. These links have been targeted for removal in future index builds.

  • Distinct 5,316,581
  • Redirect 4,022
  • Pending Classification 11
  • Cannot Be Classified 128,691
  • Notable Duplicate 3,255,497
  • Non-Notable Duplicate 21,884,358
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Link Context

Use Link Context to find links near you and your competitors

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Outbound Links

12 Internal
5 External
17 Total Outlinks
1 Ext Domains
(Average per Crawled Page)


Crawled URLs 59,851
Indexed URLs 2,787,709
Educational Ref. Backlinks 630,719
Governmental Ref. Backlinks 6,771
Educational Ref. Domains 392
Governmental Ref. Domains 56
IP Address


A report of the detected language for each page on this domain, and the languages of incoming anchor texts.

Incoming Languages

25,382,398 checked backlinks

  •   53.5% sv Swedish
  •   26.3% en English
  •    2.5% tr Turkish
  •    2.4% hu Hungarian
  •    2.4% de German
  •    2.1% ru Russian
  •    2% ko Korean
  •    1.7% es Spanish/Castilian
  •    1.6% id Indonesian
  •    1.5% ar Arabic
  •    4.0% OTH Other

Site Languages

31,637 language-detected crawled URLs

  •   62.5% sv Swedish
  •   36.5% en English
  •    0.1% fr French
  •    0.1% de German

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Link Density of Inbound Links

This shows the distribution of Link Density for each of this page's top 6 backlinks with context.

Limited to the top backlink for each referring domain.

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Referring Domains Breakdown

Referring Domains

This chart shows the number of Referring Domains discovered every day.

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Anchor Text

See more results on the Anchor Text tab, where you can drill down into each keyword and find the Referring Domains and External Inbound Links that use that Keyword.

# Anchor Text Referring Domains External Inbound Links
Total Deleted NoFollow
1 visa större karta Subscribe
65,691 8,104 270
2 google Subscribe
1,432,553 54,241 705,454
3 karta Subscribe
1,228,562 22,534 832,113
4 google maps Subscribe
198,327 9,977 3,401
5 hitta hit Subscribe
935,155 18,667 3,731
6 click here Subscribe
49,766 12,134 1,888
7 Subscribe
23,869 1,643 20,068
8 här Subscribe
30,205 5,582 1,382
9 доктор стрендж 2 смотреть онлайн Subscribe
28,452 2,654 8,778

The above chart may have cropped text due to size restrictions, for full details visit the Anchor Text tab. We explain how this is created in the FAQs.

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