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iG - Últimas notícias, fotos, vídeos, esportes, entretenimento e mais.

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Outbound Links

17 Internal
1 External
18 Total Outlinks
1 Ext Domains
(Average per Crawled Page)


Crawled URLs 969,731
Indexed URLs 1,953,054
Educational Ref. Backlinks 1,018
Governmental Ref. Backlinks 2,673
Educational Ref. Domains 191
Governmental Ref. Domains 78
IP Address


A report of the detected language for each page on this domain, and the languages of incoming anchor texts.

Incoming Languages

16,146,025 checked backlinks

  •   97.4% pt Portuguese
  •    1.8% en English
  •    0.1% es Spanish/Castilian

Site Languages

703,867 language-detected crawled URLs

  •   99.8% pt Portuguese

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# Anchor Text Referring Domains External Backlinks
Total Deleted NoFollow
1 o dia Subscribe
24,019 2,133 6,988
2 ig Subscribe
76,321 6,833 7,941
3 aqui Subscribe
22,928 1,457 179
4 último segundo Subscribe
23,594 1,142 4,185
5 Subscribe
564 39 563
6 Subscribe
517 5 517
7 Subscribe
507 19 505
8 Subscribe
503 18 503
9 jornal o dia Subscribe
2,063 55 56

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