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Outbound Links

2,767 Internal
0 External
2,767 Total Outlinks
0 Ext Domains
(Average per Crawled Page)


Crawled URLs 120,544
Indexed URLs 293,250
Educational Ref. Backlinks 15
Governmental Ref. Backlinks 199
Educational Ref. Domains 10
Governmental Ref. Domains 27
IP Address


A report of the detected language for each page on this domain, and the languages of incoming anchor texts.

Incoming Languages

1,555,167 checked backlinks

  •   94.7% sv Swedish
  •    1.4% en English
  •    1.2% ko Korean
  •    0.8% fr French
  •    0.3% it Italian
  •    0.2% no Norwegian
  •    0.2% da Danish
  •    0.1% de German
  •    1.1% OTH Other

Site Languages

116,315 language-detected crawled URLs

  •   99.9% sv Swedish

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Anchor Text

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# Anchor Text Referring Domains External Backlinks
Total Deleted NoFollow
1 skatteverket Subscribe
229,601 11,344 3,068
2 skatteverkets hemsida Subscribe
4,870 301 255
3 Subscribe
7,254 317 337
4 Subscribe
27,737 953 3,707
5 här Subscribe
3,458 157 438
6 영동365출장샵안전금 Subscribe
2,866 582 -
7 도출장후불하남출장안마[kakaotalk:pc53]모든 요구... Subscribe
1,398 338 -
8 skatteverkets webbplats Subscribe
15,829 83 43
9 skatteverkets Subscribe
693 38 31

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