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Homepage Title N/A
Crawled URLs 444,368
Indexed URLs 1,197,718
Educational Ref. Backlinks 378
Governmental Ref. Backlinks 139
Educational Ref. Domains 63
Governmental Ref. Domains 25
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A report of the detected language for each page on this domain, and the languages of incoming anchor texts.

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11,730,661 checked backlinks

  •   99% zh Chinese
  •    0.3% en English
  •    0.2% ja Japanese

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  •   90.4% zh Chinese
  •   9.5% en English

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# Anchor Text Referring Domains External Backlinks
Total Deleted NoFollow
1 uc 浏览器 Subscribe
32,924 1,474 36
2 uc浏览器 Subscribe
1,849,071 302,936 927,352
3 点击下载 【uc浏览器】 Subscribe
3,698 70 -
4 uc Subscribe
708,363 36,680 439,336
5 ucweb Subscribe
43,587 138 42,033
6 立即下载 Subscribe
102,930 5,033 35,040
7 安卓版下载 Subscribe
117,165 16,333 18,242
8 安卓下载 Subscribe
67,369 10,744 27,955
9 uc浏览器官网下载 Subscribe
484 61 -

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