Majestic Awards

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Earn Badges

We have added over one hundred one-off awards. Some are obvious, some will take a long, long time to find.

Each one will boost your Majestic score. Which level can you reach?

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Build XP

Some awards are stackable.

For instance, use Site Explorer every day for a year and you'll build up stacks of Site Explorer XP and boost your Level.

And put away that automatic script. We have checks.

Awards Leaderboard

Climb the Leaderboard

You know that you're a Majestic expert, but how do you show that to your clients?

Well, the more you use Majestic, the higher you climb. And if you have a Majestic Profile*, you can appear on our global leaderboard.

* Pro subscribers and above.

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Find what you're missing

All of our awards are categorised. Over time it'll be obvious which categories you're not using.

Why not have a click through some of the awards? Find out if there's a great tool you've never noticed.

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Try It!

For many awards we've added an interactive side panel.

Just enter a domain, URL, or search term, and we'll take you straight to the tool that you need to get the award. Hopefully you'll find lots of tools you never knew existed.

How to get started

If you already have an account, chances are high that you'll already have our exclusive, "Day One Account," award. That's a one-off exclusive award that will never again be available.

And if you're not interested, you can make award notifications go away on your Awards page.

Majestic Awards is available to all registered users

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