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Terms and Conditions

This document refers to the Terms and Conditions displayed on this site prior to December 2009. For the latest terms and conditions please visit this page. Please note that the layout was altered in July 2010 as a part of an update of webserving technology. The content was not meaningfully altered at this point.


Anchor index is covered by the EU's Database Right as a work that shows originality in its selection, coordination and arrangement. The software developed to analyse data as well as this site is covered by the copyright owned by Majestic-12 Ltd.

By allowing you to use our system we do not convey to you any ownership rights.

Information in the database

Our database contains factual information (now uniquely arranged by us) as it was present on the Internet and therefore it may contain offensive language. Do not use our information if you are easily offended.

Use of information

You can use our information to understand how to optimise your own site or sites of your clients so long as you do not breach our terms of use and do not engage in "black hat" SEO, specifically spamming of any kind.

You are not allowed to query our database using any automated tools without getting prior written permission from us to do so. However search engines are allowed to crawl our site so long as they obey obey robots.txt commands.

Any purchase of our services requires you to use the data provided by us for internal purposes only. You are not allowed to create any derivative works or resell data that use our information without prior written permission. If you are buying information on behalf of your client, then your client is also bound by these conditions. If in doubt please contact us to confirm whether the use of data that you plan is acceptable or not.

Cancellation of service

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to cancel or suspend service to any accounts for breaches of the conditions laid out here or for any other serious reason such as (but not limited to) unauthorised access, fraud etc.


If you register and choose to receive our newsletter then we will send it no more than once a month. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time and we will not sell or rent your email addresses to any third party.


This site allows optional purchase of credits that can be used to purchase various reports. Purchased but unused credits will expire in 90 days since purchase.

Purchased reports

Purchased domain reports are valid for 12 months or the alternative period chosen during purchase after which they will expire. Updates to data and reports during this period will be free. During this time they can be deleted and re-added without extra charge.


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No warranty

This service is provided on "as is" and "as available" basis without any warranty.


We will respect your privacy and will not pass your information to the third parties unless it is absolutely necessary (say for billing purposes) or required by relevant laws.


Majestic-12 Ltd is a company incorporated in England, UK and thus is governed by the English law. In the event of any dispute all parties agree to submit to jurisdiction of the English courts.


We reserve the right to change terms and conditions at any time.


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