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Internal Integration

Robust API

Use the Link Data API trusted by the biggest names in the industry to provide link data at scale fast and reliably. No need to scrape data using unreliable and inefficient data collection scripts with Majestic's API.

Sandbox area

Test your applications in safety with our Sandbox area and developer API (available on request). Use test data and a non-chargeable version of our API to build your business case before you commit to a penny.

Developer Support Site

Comprehensive command documentation helps you easily integrate our commands into your applications, backed up by online ticket support for platinum customers and above.

Build OpenApps for third parties


OpenApps has been specifically design to give smaller developers the opportunity to build the same applications as our large customers but at a fraction of the costs. By connecting customer accounts to your applications, you avoid all usage charges and even silver subscribers can plug their accounts into your appliocation.

Enterprise Partnerships

The largest SEO Tools in the world rely on Majestic to build their world class enterprise technologies. Resell our link data in raw or augmented form by adding value to Majestic's offering with a full partnership license and massive usage limits.

Good Company

Many, many companies save time by using Majestic.
AVG Technologies
Love Majestic tools. Positive that new ones will be as helpful as the previous.


Really enjoy the quality of the data I get from Majestic.

Ryan Kalani

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