Backlink Checker

Majestic's Backlink Checker tools are recognized as World Class, based on the world's most comprehensive back-link data crawled from all over the world.

The Ultimate Backlink Checker Toolset

Serious link builders will tell you that there are only a few link-checkers in the world that genuinely have their own data. Majestic have the largest index of all and a great interface that lets you sign up with a no risk, no long term contract.

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What data can you get from Majestic's Link checking Tools?

  • Check all the backlinks of your sites AND your competition
  • Get reports for root domains, subdomains or individual URLS
  • Search and filter the links any way you need including:
    • Search by anchor text
    • Search by crawl or discovery dates
    • Search by Merchant ID or URL snippet
    • Filter by link type
    • See the pages on each site with the best inbound links
    • And that's just the start

There is no long term commitment, so