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The Keyword Checker shows how often Keywords or Key Phrases appear in our indices. You can expand the list by adding multiple phrases, allowing you to compare how much interest and competition surrounds a set of Keywords or Key Phrases. While most keyword tools rely on paid search data, Majestic's data is based primarily on organic data. The number of keywords you can check at once depends on your subscription level.

The Keyword Checker is designed to check through our database and find the number of times a set of Keywords or Key Phrases appear.

Enter or copy/paste up to 5 Keywords / Key Phrases, one per line. (Login or register a free account to see an increased limit):


Note - Phrase and keyword searching is based on a dictionary generated from our backlink indexes, hence data marked "Not yet in dictionary" may be present in our backlinks data. User submitted data will be used to increase the size of the dictionary.


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