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Link Report Suite, powered by Link Intelligence™


Our starter plan is designed for very light users.

Perhaps you're a domainer who just needs to see Flow Metric scores for websites, or possibly a journalist who only needs a lookup a few times a week.

Majestic Campaigns Dashboard


Track Majestic metrics over time for a number of domain/urls

Majestic Verified Domains screen

Verified Domains

Verify ownership of a domain to see extended information about it

Majestic Bulk Backlinks screen

Bulk Backlinks

Save time checking backlink counts for many domains at once

Majestic Site Explorer screen

Site Explorer

Explore a domain/url in great detail

Majestic URL Submitter screen

URL Submitter

Easily add URLs to be submitted to our crawler


If you're a small SEO Agency you need our Pro account.

This is the full-on Majestic browser experience. You get every browser tool, for both Fresh and Historic.

Majestic Backlink History screen

Backlink History

Compare the number of backlinks over time for multiple domain/urls

Majestic Clique Hunter screen

Clique Hunter

Find common 'cliques' that link to a number of domains

Majestic Compare Summary screen

Compare Tool

Compare headline stats between domains

Majestic Reports screen

Standard and Advanced Reports

Track Majestic metrics over time for a domain/ulr

Majestic Keyword Checker screen

Keyword Checker

Get index stats for a keyword or phrase

Majestic Neighbourhood Checker screen

Neighbourhood Checker

See a list of sites hosted on the same IP or subnet

Majestic Search Explorer screen

Search Explorer

Search or index for keywords and see the pages on which they occur

Majestic Link Profile Fight screen


Try experimental Majestic features


Our API plans are ideal for developers and data-hungry agencies. Exactly how much data you want each month is up to you, and customisable on the Plans and Pricing page.

API plans include all LITE and PRO tools and benefits, and allow up to 5 users to share a login without hitting concurrency limits.


Free accounts are designed to give you a taste of Majestic. If you use us regularly, you'll soon find yourself hampered by usage limits.

Majestic Neighbourhood Checker screen

Majestic Million

The top one million domains according to Majestic metrics

Majestic Browser Plugins screen

Majestic Plugins

Majestic plugins for browsers

Majestic Site Explorer Preview screen

Site Explorer Preview

Explore a domain/url in great detail (limited access)