Majestic Style Guide

This page refers to the Majestic Style Guide.

Majestic Style and Brand Guidelines

Majestic is a global data business that provides commercial insight based on a proprietary web index. We provide web data insights for everyone on a grand scale. We want to open our data up so that it can be understood by people in new markets, let them use the data to understand and profit in their business. We like to think of ourself as clean, uncluttered and inspirational - passionate about our data's potential, keen to help and support, and perhaps a little bit nerdy.

Our technology works at an awesome scale, we develop new features at a frightening rate, and we would love for you to be a part of it. We have the biggest index at the lowest cost of entry, and no-one else brings you Topical Trust Flow, turning any URL into a unique package of actionable insight. This is the Majestic Style Guide. Anything not found here may be found in our FAQ or Glossary.

Usage and Legal

You may NOT resell our data via web based tools without an explicit reseller license. For more information on using our data within tools, please initially read:

This domain is owned by Majestic-12 Limited (founded in 2004) trading as Majestic, a company registered in England with company number 05269210.

Logo Guidelines

Use of our logo and data in publicly available data in Word, PDF, Powerpoint and similar style reports and case studies.

Where Majestic generates individual charts and reports, these can generally be used with our implicit consent, providing:

  • You acknowledge our enduring right to remove such consent or demand explicit consent in the future.
  • You visually acknowledge Majestic as the source of any data used in your reports.
  • You do not make public data on a scale which might reasonably give rise to a third party re-engineering and/or reselling the data.

White on blue

Majestic Logo white on blue

White on transparent

Majestic Logo white on transparent

Black on White

Majestic Logo black on white

Black on transparent

Majestic Logo black on transparent

EPS Vector

Majestic EPS Available

The Majestic logo is also available in vector EPS format

Safety Space

Space equal to half the height of the Majestic Logo should be Maintained at all times around the logo.

Spacing around Majestic logo

Majestic Brand Names

Only Majestic brand names may be paired with the company logo.

Majestic Analytics

"Majestic-12", "Majestic SEO", "Majestic Analytics"

Majestic and Majestic-12 Trade Marks

Majestic has a portfolio of marks, some of which are registered. These can be found by searching registries such as the USPTO for the US, EUIPO for the EU, or the IPO for the UK. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

"Majestic", "Majestic 12", "Majestic SEO", "MJ12Bot", "Author Explorer", "Majestic Analytics", "Link Intelligence", "Flow Metric", "Trust Flow", "Citation Flow", "Visibility Flow", "Search Flow", "Search Explorer", "Social Explorer"

Please DO NOT do any of the following:

Combine Trade Mark terms

Trust Flow Metric

Citation and Trust Flow

Ignore Trade Mark capitalisation

Trust flow

flow metric


Background image behind the logo

Incorrect background image behind Majestic logo

Background colour behind the logo

Incorrect background colour behind Majestic logo

Change the font of the logo text

Majestic logo with incorrect font

Add your own text or images

Majestic logo with additional text and image

Stretch the height of the logo

Majestic logo with stretched height

Stretch the width of the logo

Majestic logo with stretched width

Change the colour of the stars

Majestic logo with incorrectly coloured stars

Use a background gradient

Majestic logo with gradient background

Change the logo text from black or white

Incorrect Majestic font colour

Add special effects or animations

Majestic logo with special effects

Key Colours

Majestic Blue

Majestic Blue color

HEX: #2d526d
CMYK: 88,64,38,21

Highlight Blue

Highlight blue colour

HEX: #1c3b51
CMYK: 92,71,46,38

Primary Orange

Primary orange colour

HEX: #ff8d40
CMYK: 00,55,82,00

Primary Background

Primary background colour

HEX: #ffffff
CMYK: 0,0,0,0

Secondary Background

Secondary background colour

HEX: #eef0f1
CMYK: 7,5,5,0


Web headers should be Arial, coloured with Highlight Blue (#1c3b51)

Normal web copy is dark grey (#333) Verdana, and all links should be underlined in paragraphs.

Where a dark background is used, a white font is preferred, with yellow (#fc0) suggested for links

Table headers are bold Verdana (#333333) on (#eef0f1)

Base font for print and graphics should be Myriad Pro

Web Assets

Icons: Black/white/grey and single colour


4px border radius, 1px solid #ccc border

Web assets border

Button style and hover
"Would you like to …"

Button style and hover style

Any doubts?

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us using our support tool.