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Our data, in your browser

See key metrics to any site whilst talking on the phone. Our Firefox plugin and Chrome extension brings Majestic data right to where and when you need it, by bringing our valuable key metrics directly into your browser.

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Site Explorer Pages tab

Find out which stories on a site have generated interest by seeing links to all that site's top pages on one Site Explorer screen. You can even use the same screen in wildcard mode to see a Twitter user's most influential tweets.

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Compare huge URL lists

Use our Bulk Backlinks Checker to instantly compare large lists of URLs and see which are the most important. Check up to 1,000,000 twitter profiles side by side, or compare a list of URLs on any given topic.

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Search Explorer

Our Search Explorer search engine shows you not only the most important pages on any topic, but WHY they are the most important, giving you the magic key to unlock the potential of any content online.

Twitter Profiles

Twitter Rankings

Download our top 50,000 Twitter profiles for free or analyse links to the top 70 million from within our search tools to find the most influential people on any topic on the Internet.

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Flow Metric

Don't rely on follower counts! Use our Flow Metric™ scores to understand social profiles. See whether their influence has been created from a position of respect, or through mechanical or low-worth means.

Majestic Bucket List

Bucket List

Found noteworthy URLs as you look at a story unfold? Use our simple Bucket List tool to bookmark pages for attention and follow up later - or pass the list over to your customer to show them how their stories have developed.

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Tracking reports

Set up tracking reports as soon as you can to benchmark content, then see how the Flow Metric™ scores and link counts change over time. Use the exportable tables and visual charts also in Advanced Reports to monitor and report on media success.

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New and Lost Links

Be even more granular and on the ball, find new links to content day by day with our Site Explorer New and Lost link tracking. We track the most recent data for any URL in our system and return this to you on the fly.

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Historic peer-review

Use Backlinks History to see how your sites matches up against their competitors over time. You can compare up to 5 different domains at the same time. Check which one had the most backlinks and look back as far as 2006.

Thanks for the tool, it's a great way to review backlinks, very easy to use, good quality of information and very useful reports!

Eduardo Sainz

You guys are unbelievable. Day by day you add something new and great. It's a pleasure to use Majestic, not just "work", but fun as well



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