Pitching to People

Finding leads, looking for clients
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Peer-review your prospect

Use Backlinks History to see how your prospect matches up against its competitors over time. You can compare up to 5 different domains at the same time. Check which one had the most backlinks and look back as far as 2006.

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Identify site strengths

Use the Site Explorer summary screen to quickly visualize a site's strength, pull out useful visualizations showing the link profile, link breakdown, top anchor text and top pages of any site without the need to use monthly allowances.

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Compare vital link statistics

Quickly compare the vital link statistics of up to five sites side-by-side. Show prospective clients an instant comparison of their site's current standing, and how its vital statistics stacks up to those of the competition.

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Link to Google Search Console

Quickly verify domains already under your control and get further access to your own sites. Subscribers can link their account to Google Webmasters Tools to save even more time and register every domain in one simple step.

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Create an instant site audit

Use our Pages Tab in Site Explorer to grab an instant audit of your site, showing you the strength of the top pages in terms of our Flow Metric™ scores , link counts, and find out crawler information about redirection or other issues when visiting each site.

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Deep page insight

Get deep insight into the strength of any page, url or domain through our Flow Metric™ charts and tables which show the influences on the URLs way beyond the direct inbound links.

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Compare keywords

Not Provided? Not a problem. With our keyword checker you can search through lists of keywords to compare their relative competitiveness on the web along with an indication of relative search volume.

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Explore your data

Found something interesting in Site Explorer? Dig a little deeper in the reports. See all of your backlinks in Advanced Reports, and harness powerful filtering abilities to drill down to the exact links that interest you.

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Investigate search results

Our search engine is sophisticated enough to show you exactly why each search result ranks the way in does. No more guessing! Search Explorer breaks down all the ranking factors on the fly to show them to you.

Majestic Bucket List

Bookmark URLs

Need to curate a list of Good links? Bad links? Just pull out interesting links? Our Bucket List lets you add any URL you see on our system into an easy to export list to work with later.

Play Button Majestic Clique Hunter

Identify link relationships

Searching for link prospects within a given industry? By inputting up to 10 different domains or URLs, Clique Hunter will find domains that are currently linking to more than one competitor. A great way to find low hanging fruit for link building.

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Targeted searches

Get more targeted in understanding your vertical with our Search Explorer's advanced filters. It's very easy to rank your own Bucket List URLs by keyword, or limit your search to specific sites on the web with the "site:" command.

Measuring and Reporting

Play Button Majestic Site Explorer

Track 'New' and 'Lost' links

With Site Explorer you can look at new and lost links to any URL or domain day by day in easy-to-read and easy-to-export charts and tables. Catch dropped links, promptly discover new links, and report on movements, all on a daily basis.

Play Button Advanced Reports training video

Tracking reports

Use Tracking Reports to record the Flow Metric™ scores and other key numbers to any site, day-by-day, so that you have an ongoing progress record. Build reports of how your site influence increases or decreases over time.

I have become a huge fan of Majestic since first using it 6 months ago…..Thanks Majestic team, you guys rock :) Keep up the good work

Cady Haren

March 2013

Excellent high quality product, enjoying working with it. Very user friendly!


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