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How do I create a Majestic account?

Click the Sign Up for FREE button at the top of the page.

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How do I change my password?

You can change your password at any time, just go to the 'My Details' section of your Majestic account

How I can change my password?

Can you provide me with SEO services?

Majestic does not directly provide website optimisation services or recommendations, or provide link building services, and to maintain our independence we do not affiliate or recommend companies which do. However, you can find a list of local businesses who may be able to be of assistance through the Majestic Business Pages

Can I have a demo of Majestic?

Yes you can! Please sign up for a walkthrough with one of our Customer Advisors here

What are Trust Flow and Citation Flow?

The Trust Flow is how well a site is linked to by 'trusted' sites, and the Citation Flow is a metric of how well linked the website is. Ideally a site would have a high Citation and Trust Flow, usually you will have a slightly higher Citation Flow than Trust Flow. If your Citation Flow is significantly higher than the Trust Flow this indicates that the site may have a high number of 'spammy' links to it.