Advanced Reports

For comprehensive, detailed, in-depth analysis of a domain, a Majestic Advanced Report provides the backlink data that you need (up to the allowance limits for your plan), and is perfect for forensic Penguin and Panda analysis.

Advanced Reports are available with all subscriptions.

Standard Reports

A Majestic Standard Report is a quick way to interrogate the most important data for your site, including top backlinks and anchor text.

It gives you filtering and sorting options to let you drill down deeper than possible in Site Explorer.

Standard Reports are available with all subscriptions.

Tracking Reports

Our Tracking Reports are great when you're looking for historic trends in key site metrics. Packed with up to five years of Historic Index data, you can track your true link profile over time.

Tracking Reports for any website are included with all subscriptions.

The Big Picture

Crammed with over five years of links, our Majestic Historic Index is the most comprehensive publically available source of backlink data. It is unparalleled, and vital for forensic backlink reporting.

Over four times larger than the Fresh Index, the Historic Index is a paid subscriber benefit and is included with all subscriptions.

Unique URLs crawled in the Historic and Fresh indexes.

Over five years of backlink data is just a minute away


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