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Creating Reports

We are sorry, but you have to register or login (if you have already registered) in order to create reports.

Benefits of registration

It doesn't cost a penny to register with Majestic (by that we mean we don't charge you for it) and we promise to play fair with your data. We won't even make you sign up to our newsletter.

Registering with us does bring benefits. For starters, we will give you the facility to generate domain level reports for any domain which you own - or more specifically have ftp (or similar) access to. All we ask is that a small file is uploaded so we can make sure we aren't giving away competitor information for free. We also allow registered users to type in multiple URLs into our Backlinks history tool - which can produce some pretty interesting illustrations on link campaigns and whatnot. We also spruce up the link data screen, showing a breakdown of what kind of backlinks (frame, image etc) a site has.

And what is in it for us? Well, we hope that once you've seen the scale of our index, and seen what can be achieved with it, that you'll see a real commercial benefit to considering signing up for one of our subscription packages.

Majestic subscriptions

Our subscription plans start at £29.99 (excluding VAT), with a 1 month minimum period and you can cancel at any time. So, if you just want to try our service, have a go. We honour the allowance period, so even if you cancel in the first week of a monthly subscription, you'll still get the full month of access you paid for. We don't just do inexpensive offerings though - we have a wide range of options, including some enterprise solutions that we would love to talk to you about.

So what do you get? Well, we have a more detailed explanation of some of the benefits of subscribing, but to keep it short and sweet, we give you access to backlink information on well, just about any site on the whole of the internet. We don't promise to have them all, but we do have a utterly massive index, and we believe it's pretty comprehensive.

Need convincing? Read our blog, register with us, and play with the free domain level reports for your own domain, and see what others say about Majestic. We believe we have a compelling offering, and hope that you will too.