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Document Stored For Historical Reasons

This document refers to the Terms and Conditions displayed on this site prior to September 2010. For the latest Privacy Policy please visit this page. Please note that the layout was altered in September 2010 as a part of an update of webserving technology. The content was not meaningfully altered at this point.

Last Modified: 15th December 2009.

Privacy Policy

Should you have any queries regarding this privacy policy please feel free to contact us at

How we gather Data

As a public internet site, Majestic-SEO provides a degree of access to content free of charge. As is standard on many web applications, when you visit our website, our webservers log certain details about you, such as, but not limited to client IP address, the time, user agent, and page viewed. We may analyse this data from time to time to discover usage patterns.

Majestic-12 ltd offers additional services to clients which require login via the Majestic-SEO website. In order to provide these services we require information about your name, email address and some other data. We work with third parties to provide billing services who may in turn gather and collect information about you. Some of this information may be returned or made available to Majestic-12 ltd as a part of normal business processes.

Majestic-12 co-ordinates a distributed computing project to crawl the internet. "Web spiders", run by volunteers are used to crawl the internet, obtaining publically available data. For more information about this please visit the Majestic-12 project homepage.

How we respect your Data and your privacy

It is Majestic-SEO's policy to respect the privacy of our clients and Website users.

We will not share information with third parties unless:

  • Disclosure is permitted to by our customers
  • Where required to in order to provide services and products to our clients and website users.
  • Where required to do so by law, or by law enforcement officers

In August 2009, Majestic-12 ltd signed an agreement with Receptional to handle the marketing and business development of Majestic-12 ltd, and the Majestic SEO website and associated services. In keeping with our policy of "respect", and understanding potential concerns within the industry, limited Information about customers of Majestic-12 ltd will be passed to Receptional on a need to know basis. Majestic-12 ltd will not permit Receptional to gain access to lists of our clients customers, or details of which reports our clients generate.


Majestic-12 may send out a newsletter to those who choose to opt into their newsletter. We aim to do this no more than once a month.


The Majestic-SEO site uses cookies to identify users for the purposes of controlling and charging for access to services.


Should you have a complaint or concern about our actions regarding this privacy policy, please contact either via email, or at our registered company address, marking the envelope "Privacy Policy":

Privacy Policy
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Changes to this privacy policy

This policy may change from time to time for a variety of reasons - such as changes in legislation, new features or facilities being released, or to correct errors or omissions. The latest version of the privacy policy will be kept on the Majestic SEO website. Should major changes be made to the privacy policy we will endeavour to bring attention to these changes, either by a post in our news section, or a blog post.

If you have any questions regarding this document, please contact us by email at