Majestic link intelligence tools

Site Explorer

Site Explorer lets you explore a domain/url in great detail. Users on Silver, Gold and Platinum subscription plans get access to the full tool.

Compare Tool

Compare headline stats for up to 5 different domains with the site comparator tool.

Click here to try the Comparator tool.


Search Explorer™

Search our index for a Keyword or more and see the page title and URL where it appears, as well as getting the Search Score for the URL.

Click here to use the Search Explorer.

Standard and Advanced Reports

Subscribers can create Advanced Reports and Standard Reports for domains they own from the "My Reports" screen - just by uploading a zero size file to the root directory of a domain.

Clique Hunter

Our Clique Hunter can find all of the 'cliques' that link to a list of domains.

Registered Users will receive limited results and will need to subscribe to get the full information about these 'cliques'.


Webmaster Tools

Verify ownership of your domains, allowing you to see extended information for your verified sites.

Majestic Million

The top one Million Domains* on the internet - listed by TLD and updated frequently. Explore the top one Million Domains* on the internet with the Majestic Million tool.

*as rated by Majestic metrics.

URL Submitter

Easily add URLs to be submitted to our crawler.

Registered users will receive a daily quota of free URLs they can submit per day.

Keyword Checker

Search our index for a Keyword or Phrase and see how many times it appears, as well as getting the Search Volume for each keyword.

Click here to use the Keyword Checker.

Neighbourhood Checker

A well-configured server can easily serve requests for a large number of domains for a single IP.

The Majestic Neighbourhood checker tool presents a list of "neighbours" - or, in technical terms, the sites hosted on the same IP.

Majestic Widgets

Majestic has created a set of Plugins for browsers.


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