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Majestic browser plugin

Our data, in your browser

See key metrics to any site whilst talking on the phone. Our Firefox plugin and Chrome extension brings Majestic data right to where and when you need it, by bringing our valuable key metrics directly into your browser.

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Check out their history

Instantly see whether a business prospect is worth considering by comparing Backlink History data with those of the competition. Find out if your prospect is a 500lb gorilla, or if they are David fighting Goliath?

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Instant summaries

Grab instant link profile summaries to your heart's content without worrying about account usage. Our Site Explorer summary screen gives you JUST enough data to show interesting possibilities to your client in no time at all.

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Create comparison charts

Need some visuals to help clients understand link profiles? Compare two sites at one time using their link profile chart. Let them fight it out and see which one comes out on top with the stronger link profile.

Auditing your SEO & Social Media teams

Twitter Profiles

Twitter Rankings

See whether your team's Twitter profiles are gaining the respect of the community or just tweeting to impress you! Or download the top 50,000 twitter profiles to see where they all rank in terms of link influence.

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Who's in the top million websites?

We keep a track of the top 1 million websites in the world and update this regularly in a downloadable CSV file. Watch you and your competitors as you climb the Majestic Million to fame and fortune.

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Compare huge URL lists

Use our Bulk Backlinks Checker to instantly compare large lists of URLs and see which are the most important. Check up to 1,000,000 twitter profiles side by side, or compare a list of URLs on any given topic.

Majestic Bucket List

Collect your favourite URLs

Need to curate a list of links or URLs to give to one of your team for further work? Our Bucket List lets you add any interesting URL you see on our system into an easy to export list, then work with that list later.

Measuring Success

Play Button Advanced Reports training video

Create Tracking Reports

Record the Flow Metric™ scores and other key numbers to any site day by day to create an ongoing record of progress. Show with Advanced Reports how the site increases or decreases influence over time in easy to read reports.

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New and Lost Links

Be even more granular and on the ball, find new links to content day by day with our Site Explorer New and Lost link tracking. We track the most recent data for any URL in our system and return this to you on the fly.

Majestic is so helpful! I have learned so much just in the few days that I've been trying it out.

Brittany Jones

Time Click

Thanks. I love Majestic always… This is the only tool which gives the latest data which we can't get any where (else).

Sankar Datti


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